DeadlyRuins_coverDeadly Ruins

A once in a lifetime treasure hunt is a dream come true for archeology intern, Kay Gerard. On the fringes of the ancient Mayan city of Cobá, Kay and her mentor begin excavating two remote temples. The treks into the site reveal the local population’s curious ties to the ruins and Kay’s interactions with the people they encounter, especially the children, are unnerving, yet she ignores the ominous feelings due to the excitement of the dig. As they get close to entering one of the temples they collide with dangerous looters, forcing Kay to flee into the jungle. The more desperate her situation becomes, the more determined she is to survive and soon finds herself in a situation with no other option except to fight for her life in the Deadly Ruins of Mexico’s unforgiving jungle.
The Lodge coverThe Lodge (No longer in print, but available through Amazon in trade paperback while remaining stock lasts)

The lodge is everything Kay Gerard has dreamed of and more. But as the tranquil beauty of the remote setting begins to work its magic on her tortured soul, a guest is brutally murdered. Isolation and lack of law enforcement on the island heighten the fear and distrust felt by employees and guests. Existence at the lodge takes a sinister turn as everyone tries to cope with the knowledge that a murderer must live among them. While doing her job and trying to support her uncle, Kay discovers a damaging piece of evidence and is drawn into a deadly quest for answers. Despite efforts to distance herself from the case, she is thrust into a dangerous situation that pushes her to her limits.


The Watch (No longer in print or available)




On The Brink Of Paradise – An account of my time in the Solomon Islands.

Anthology – In 2003 my essay, Happy Isle in a Savage Sea, appeared in Foreign Ground- Travelers’ Tales, published by Pronghorn Press ( The story details a harrowing experience navigating treacherous seas in a small boat in order to reach a remote school on the island of Makira in the Solomon Islands. It was an adventure I’ll never forget and I enjoyed sharing the excitement with other world travelers.

Cookbook – My favorite green chili stew recipe can be found in, The Published Chefs’ Cookbook, Served by Publish America Authors.


I have published over 80 travel and geographic articles which appeared in such publications as Pacific Magazine, Fence Post, Country Discoveries, and the ASU Travel Guide.